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Diesel car dealers unfazed by upcoming measures


DISTRIBUTORS of diesel-engined passenger cars appear to be sanguine about next year's new emissions standard and prefer to adopt a wait-and-see attitude.

"The impact should be small, at least for cars, because the main bulk of diesel vehicles on the road are commercial vehicles and buses," said the managing director of a dealership well-known for its diesel models.

He ...more

Positioning Singapore to be future ready


IN 2013, during a press conference to announce Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's mobile phone business, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop ended his speech saying: "We didn't do anything wrong, but somehow we lost," upon which he wept publicly. In Nokia's case, the world changed too quickly. As technology evolved, the company failed to adapt to the changes, lagged behind and eventually got ...more

Businesses to get S$1.4b boost, CIT rebate extended to YA2018


OVER S$1.4 billion in additional near-term measures, on top of existing measures, will be given to support businesses over the next year, said Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat when delivering Budget 2017 on Monday.

He noted the need for sectors and firms that are doing well to focus on the long term and to build on the momentum to seize new opportunities, while specific measures ...more

Additional S$26m a year to support workers' training


AN additional sum of S$26 million a year will be committed to support workers' training, even as older workers get more help to secure employment as the government provides more incentives for firms to hire them.

In particular, the re-employment age will be raised from 65 years to 67 years with effect from July 1 this year, and will apply to workers younger than 65 years ...more

An eye on 5 'I's of Budget 2017


PRIOR to Budget Day, my team and I hypothesised that going by recent announcements, such as that of the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE), Budget 2017 would comprise five "I"s.

Broadly classified, we expected announcements on Innovation, Industry, Internationalisation, Inclusiveness and Idea. The Minister did not disappoint. There were indeed five "I"s and a few more, ...more

Big jump in share of foreigners setting up Singapore firms


SINGAPORE recorded a flat year for company formation in 2016, with the share of foreign individuals setting up companies here surging to 44 per cent, from 26 per cent in 2015.

The biggest rises were in the proportion of individual shareholders from China, Malaysia and India, according to a report released on Monday by corporate services firm Hawksford Singapore.

Company ...more

New co-investment fund to help businesses go overseas


UP to S$600 million in government capital will be co-invested with Singapore-based enterprises in a new International Partnership Fund (IPF) to help them scale up and internationalise.

The amount will be managed by Heliconia Capital Management, a subsidiary of state investment company Temasek Holdings.

With a focus on Asian markets, the joint investment would enable ...more

Singapore introduces IP Development Incentive to encourage innovation


IN THE wake of the recent Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) report, the Budget had been highly anticipated.

The measures announced are focused on upskilling Singaporeans and enabling companies to compete and globalise.

Innovation is one of the key pillars and intellectual property (IP) a key component. Against that backdrop, the introduction of the IP Development ...more

More grants and incentives please

IN anticipation of the 2017 Singapore Budget and with the Committee on the Future Economy's focus on developing a digital economy, encouraging innovation and promoting entrepreneurship, what do local industries hope to see in the Budget?

Industry leaders from the following trade associations give their views:

- T Chandroo, chairman of the Association of Early Childhood and Training ...more

Trade war? S'pore companies urged to look to S-E Asia

As President Donald Trump sets his sights on the United States' trade deficit with China, Singapore companies should look to South-east Asia to prepare for any possible fallout.

This is the assessment of trade agency International Enterprise Singapore's group centre director for South-east Asia, Mr Ivan Tan, as he discussed the possible impact of frosty US-China relations on South-east Asia.

He ...more

Manufacturing produces stellar showing


THE stunning 39.8 per cent surge in manufacturing growth in the fourth quarter of 2016 is in sharp contrast to the 5 per cent decline in the third quarter, helped largely by a recovery in demand for semiconductor worldwide, even as business costs dropped.

Year-on-year, the sector grew 11.5 per cent in Q4 2016, outpacing 1.8 per cent growth in the previous quarter, also helped ...more

NODX up in Jan for 3rd straight month


NON-OIL domestic exports (NODX) continued to grow for a third straight month in January, suggesting that a firm export recovery may finally have arrived.

January's 8.6 per cent year-on-year increase was below market expectations - the consensus was a 9.6 per cent gain - and lower than the growth in December (9.1 per cent) and November (15.6 per cent). But government and ...more

Oil, coal, iron ore demand could peak in 20 years


DEMAND for oil, coal and iron ore could peak in the next two decades as advances in technology result in less resource-intensive global economic growth.

At the same time, China's voracious appetite for resources in the past decade - which had helped to propel prices of commodities higher in the supercycle - is unlikely to be matched by any other country in future, including ...more

From the factory to the lab, manufacturing will need to change gears

THE face of manufacturing in Singapore in the years ahead will have to be markedly different from what it used to look like even five years ago if the country is to keep the sector's share of gross domestic product (GDP) at the "around 20 per cent" target proposed by the Committee on the Future Economy, economists and industry players say.

Boosting the sector's GDP share from the 17-18 per ...more

CFE report could have included long-term macroeconomic issues

THE report by the Committee on the Future Economy (CFE) is a comprehensive document that maps out the government's current economic preoccupations and policy priorities. It is useful too in reminding Singaporeans of our constraints as a small, export-dependent and resource-constrained economy.

Singapore succeeded economically in the last 50 years mainly because it embraced export-led growth ...more
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