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Singapore ranks No 13 in world talent competitiveness


A SLIGHT improvement in factors such as the cost of living and remuneration helped make Singapore a more competitive place for talent this year, while the reverse caused Hong Kong to become less attractive, according to Swiss business school IMD.

Still, Hong Kong, which fell three spots to 12th position in the IMD World Talent Ranking, edged out Singapore, which rose two ...more

Manufacturers steam ahead with business intelligence tools

Data analytics has lit a fire under a sluggish retail sector - but it is the manufacturing industry that has galloped ahead here.

The sector's enthusiasts are focusing on one main element of this bold new digital process - predictive maintenance.

As more and more machines are hooked up to sensors in the "Industrial Internet of Things", data analytics can flag which parts may soon ...more

Blockchain-based digital trade platform for SMEs to debut in 2018


SINGAPORE'S first blockchain-based digital-trade platform for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) will be ready come the first quarter of the new year. Called Fasttrack Trade (FTT), it will enable SMEs to seek business partners, buy and sell goods and buy insurance on a single platform.

The facility, the result of a partnership between Prudential Singapore and StarHub, is ...more

Businesses see GDP growth racing past official forecasts


THE Singapore economy could blow past government forecasts to bring 2017's full-year gross domestic product (GDP) growth to between 3.4 per cent and 3.7 per cent, says the latest Business Times-Singapore University of Social Sciences (BT-SUSS) Business Climate Q3 survey.

This range is above and beyond the official forecast for GDP growth, which is expected to come in at ...more

SMEs should use the grants that come, but be nimble too

THE Singapore government has long taken a hands-on approach in the digital transformation of businesses. Efforts to get small and medium enterprises (SMEs), in particular, to embrace digital technology and innovation were ramped up earlier this year.

Bundling grants, guides and enhanced funding, and marketing them under the banner of "SMEs Go Digital", the government sought to make it easy ...more

How Singapore factories can get smart and stay ahead

THE past year has been a spectacular one for Singapore's manufacturing sector, having recently capped its 13th recent consecutive month of growth. To maintain such strong growth, it is imperative Singapore manufacturers continue to watch regional trends carefully to ensure that they do not lose their competitive edge and fall behind.

Much of the recent growth experienced by Singapore's manufacturing ...more

How to tool up for the future: EDB offers help, free workshops


A NEW set of guidelines has been launched to help manufacturers here build smart factories of the future and take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0.

The Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), in partnership with German manufacturing firm TUV SUD, has launched the Singapore Smart Industry Readiness Index.

The index serves as a diagnostic ...more

With big data, 'nowcasts' may replace economic forecasts


ECONOMIC forecasting - traditionally a slow and complex undertaking - is on the cusp of a big data revolution.

Technology is opening up new sources of data that could offer instant, constantly updated insights into a country's economic health - from traffic volumes on major shopping streets, to electricity consumption in office buildings and factories.

While such ...more

Human-centric innovation a must in age of disruption

NEW technological breakthroughs are creating massive disruptions across industries and generating buzz around artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of things (IoT), autonomous vehicles and other advanced technologies.

It is pertinent to remember that innovation is, and will remain, a human-centric endeavour; and the future lies with people, not machines. What has to change is our way ...more

One in three Asia-Pac CEOs see revenue boost in next 12 months: PwC

Da Nang, Vietnam

BUSINESS leaders in the Asia-Pacific are feeling increasingly confident in their companies' growth prospects, with one out of every three chief executive officers (CEOs) believing that revenue will increase in the next 12 months.

This is according to a new survey of 1,412 top executives from all 21 economies in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Apec) bloc, including ...more

AI to the fore in war on cyberattacks

CYBERATTACKS from nation-states may have hogged the limelight, but the startling truth is that most cyber attacks are driven by organised criminal gangs targeting profits.

With such attacks becoming more frequent, more sophisticated - and more damaging to a company's customers and other stakeholders - the traditional "moat-and-firewall" security measures are no longer enough, said Lee Hui ...more

Keeping the focus on human beings, and jobs, in today's AI-driven world

NOT a day passes without new instances, out in the media, of how artificial intelligence is touching and transforming the world, in everything from daily tasks at home, at work, at play, to the more rarefied reaches of, say, galaxy explorations and other esoteric scientific endeavours.

Take the world of finance and banking. Of 100 North American trading and foreign-exchange firms surveyed ...more

Going digital key to future

The ICM Industry Transformation Map may appear to be far removed from the lives of ordinary Singaporeans, but it will actually hit a lot closer to home.

First, the infocomm media (ICM) sector will be the recipient of 16,000 new jobs by 2020. This, Minister for Communications and Information Yaacob Ibrahim announced last Friday.

There will be many openings in professional, managerial, ...more

S'pore corporates need more innovative boards

EVERY now and then, corporates would make the sort of announcement familiar to all investors - a new chairman or director has been appointed, replacing a retiring one.

Often, the appointment is hardly a surprise, with the newcomer a familiar name from an established circle. Typically, he is either a former politician who comes with his global insight and network; a former chief executive with ...more

Factory activity powers to eight-year peak in October

Factories kept humming in October, with manufacturing activity rising for the 14th straight month to hit an eight-year high.

The sector - which makes up a fifth of the economy and has been the star performer this year - is still going strong on the back of broad expansion across most segments, economists said.

That strength was evident in data released yesterday. The purchasing ...more
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