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Cloud, IoT, key to growing tech sector


OF the many technological frontiers being pushed, solutions in cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), and cybersecurity are important in driving technological change in the near future, said Ingram Micro executive vice-president Michael Zilis.

Furthermore, he added that it is not just about offering new products and solutions to businesses or consumers, but technological ...more

Small firms are not spared from increasing sophistication of cyber threats

WHEN we think of data security in relation to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), many assume that because of the size of their organisation, they only need to deploy mid-level security to protect their data, and that the larger enterprises must have the latest scalable protection.

Putting this into the context of our living space. It does not mean that someone who lives in a smaller ...more

PayNow Corporate launched today


THE NEW PayNow Corporate e-payment service, launched on Monday morning, allows businesses and the Singapore government to instantly make and receive payments by using their respective Unique Entity Numbers.

It is an extension of peer-to-peer funds transfer service PayNow, introduced in July 2017, which only requires knowledge of the payee's mobile number or NRIC.

As ...more

Bookkeeping jobs slashed, more disruption on the way


JOB functions that are labour intensive and require little human judgment are at "immediate risk" of displacement due to technological advances and global competition, says National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) assistant secretary-general Patrick Tay.

In a blog post highlighting disruption in the accountancy sector, he warned that those in admin and data entry, transactions ...more

Digitise services to meet client's expectations

BUSINESS-to-business (B2B) customers are increasingly expecting a business-to-consumer (B2C) experience, said Lincoln Lincoln, vice-president for the Asia-Pacific and Japan at cloud commerce platform CloudBlue.

Mr Lincoln told The Business Times that the B2C experience is one that entails a streamlined purchasing process, expert advice and superior customer service.

"B2B customers ...more

MAS must set right tone in CG committee set-up

IT IS perhaps fitting that, in a week that celebrates Singapore's nation-building, the city-state has also unveiled substantial changes to its corporate governance landscape - with Monday's release of the newly revised Code of Corporate Governance (Code) and consequential adjustments to the Singapore Exchange's Listing Rules (BT, Aug 7).

These changes to the landscape went further than merely ...more

How Next Gens are dealing with disruption

DISRUPTION is either going to happen to you or because of you. Too often there is the expectation that Next Gens are to be stewards of the family legacy and protect that which has been built up over several generations.

But contrary to what many may think, it is not always easy to preserve the status quo. The world today bears little semblance to the one our parents grew up in. While it is ...more

Singapore firms urged to see innovation, going global as a single process


JUST as two government agencies merged to form Enterprise Singapore (ESG) in April, local firms should think of innovation and internationalisation as "a single conversation" instead of two separate journeys, said ESG chairman Peter Ong.

"Innovation and internationalisation are mutually reinforcing pillars," he told The Business Times.

Innovative offerings require ...more

ESG to help new SMEs go digital from birth


NEW small and medium enterprises (SMEs) here will be encouraged to be "digital at birth", with digital solutions offered to them upon registration with the Accounting And Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Enterprise Singapore (ESG) hopes to roll out the initiative early next year, chairman Peter Ong told The Business Times: "The moment you apply to register at ACRA, ...more

Things still hunky-dory for co-working operators, but test will come during a business downturn

LAST year, some watchers of the office-space market were predicting consolidation in the co-working space sector here.

Today, the mood is more buoyant and the possibilities for their expansion in Singapore seem boundless.

Co-working space operators are currently one of the two key demand drivers for Singapore office space, the other being tech companies.

According to data ...more
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