Adhesives and glues are non-metallic materials which are able to join two substrates using adhesion and cohesive mechanisms. Key advantages of adhesives are the ability to join substrates of different geometries, sizes and composition; eliminates corrosion from joining dissimilar metals with different galvanic properties; avoids damage to the structure of the material to be joined and flexibility… More

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Manufacturing and distributing of cyanoacrylate & gel adhesive,liquid & silicone gasket, silicone sealant, epoxy, epoxy putty,white glue for general and industrial uses.

Sales of industrial adhesives including UV light-curable oligomers, coatings, dispensing and light-curing systems.

Manufacture of industrial and mechanical rubber goods. Warehousing and manufacture of industrial goods adhesive parts.

Manufacture and wholesale distribution of gaskets, specialty lubricants & sealants and other marine engineering related products.

Manufacturers of special adhesives for wood, leather, PVC soles, rubbersoles, metals, ceramics, fabrics, vulcanised rubber and polymeric materials,etc.