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Specialised in breeding quality Koi from leading breeder in Japan. Importer & exporter, grower, wholesaler & retailing of Koi & Food Fish (live Tilapia & crabs). Wholesale, import & export of: • Wide range of Koi food • Quality Japanese Koi • Koi consultants… More

Exporter of tropical fishes and aquatic plant.

Importer & exporter of tropical fish, marine fish, invertebrates,aquatic plants.

Importer/exporter/wholesaler of aquarium supplies. Manufacturer of'RID-ALL' aquarium remedies.

Distributor of pet supply products and aquarium products.

Distribution of pet care & aquatic products: dog & cat foods, pet treats,accessories, shampoo, cages, recycled paper cat & small animal litter,filtration media & bacteria, water conditioners, etc.