Bolts are cylindrical in shape with an external thread running on its surface. Nuts have threaded holes which are used together with the bolts. Bolts and nuts are widely used and their primary function is to hold parts together. A bolt can be used without a nut; however, a nut is always used with a bolt. Bolts & nuts are engineered fasteners and they are used often used in industrial projects as they… More

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Manufacture of bolts, nuts, rivets, fasteners and screw machine products.

Stockist & manufacturer of all types & sizes of screws, bolts & nuts, socket caps, set screws, BA machine screws, self tapping screws & fasteners.

Importer & exporter & stockist of bolts & nuts, screw & all kinds offasteners in stainless steel, mild steel, brass, - Aluminium, nylon.

Manufacturer of bolts & nuts-hook bolt, L-anchor bolt, J-anchor bolt, U-bolt.

Manufacturer of petroleum studbolts & nuts, anchor bolts, hydraulic bolt tensioning & torquing tools, cable support systems & cathodic protection products & services.