A diesel engine was designed by Rudolf Diesel as an alternative to a gasoline engine. A diesel engine works much the same way as a gasoline engine by creating a small controlled explosion in a sealed piston chamber, the explosion moves the piston which rotates the output shaft. Diesel engines can be suitable for certain industrial uses as they are more efficient than gasoline engines and also diesel… More

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Caterpillar Marine Asia Pacific is the Singapore office for MaK Asia and MaK Middle East. We provide engine sales, Application & Installation engineering (A&I), project management, parts & service sales and field and workshop services with our extensive… More

Importers and exporters in diesel engine and spare parts.

Trading and rendering services relating to diesel engines, generatorsand spare parts, repairing of ships, tankers, boats and other ocean-goingvessels.

Manufacturing and distribution of consumer ,air-conditioning systems, diesel engines and related products, industrial packaging products, building material and investment holding and dealing.

Trading, distribution of general merchandise, manufacturing & distribution of diesel engines & related products, home appliances, industrial packaging products, biodegradable products & building materials, investment & property holding.

Detroil diesel 'ALLISON'.Authorised service/parts centre;electro motive division.