Exporters are individuals or companies who specialise in shipping goods or products out of the port of a country. An importer’s role is very much the same except that they bring goods and products into a country. Their job includes documenting shipments to ensure that they comply with custom rules and regulations, counselling clients on matters like tariffs, insurance and quotas, preparation of goods… More


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Importing & exporting of commodities &building materials.

Manufacturing of engineering rubber products, silicone keypads, general importers and exporters.

General wholesale trade including general importers and exporters

Importer and exporter of steel, metal, agro and plastic raw materials.

Importer and exporter, wholesaler andretailer of electronics goods.

Importers and exporters, commission agent, manufacturers' appointed distributorin fragrance and flavours ingredients: aroma chemicals, essential oils, botanical extracts & any related products used for commercial, industrial & domestic purposes.

Trading of electronics/electrical equipment, components & parts;chemicals for oil/gas industries; etc.