Fire protection aims to reduce the effects of irreparable damage that a fire can cause in a building. Fire protection is designed to include passive means, with firewalls and using fire rated doors to compartmentalise the fire, and having an active set up which detects, raises the alarm and discharges a suppression to limit the spread of the fire. A fire protection system is part of the design of… More


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Heatex Industrial Technology Pte Ltd specialises in the trading of welding protection and heat insulation products that are used in many industries such as construction, metal, automotive, aircraft, ship-building and chemical & petroleum.   At Heatex… More

Manufacture fire system, extinguisher, fire equipment.

Servicing & distributor of ind & marine fire fighting & safety equipment.

Manufacturer of fire extinguishers & fire system gas type.

Supplier for fire protection equipment. We provide design,supply, installation & maintenance services.

Complete range of fire protection equipment & services.

Manufacturers, contractors & suppliers of architectural products & M & E systems & fire doors.

Installation of fire protection and security alarm systems.

Manufacturers, contractors & suppliers of architectural products & M & E systems.