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Our pump production comprises of submersible pumps,centrifugal pumps, circulator pumps, etc.

Exporter & distributors of chemical pumps, magnetic drive pump, metering pump.

Supply of pumps & ancillaries, water treatment equipment formarine/offshore, petrochemical & process industries.

Distributor for 'STA-RITE' and 'ONGA' filters, pool & industrial pumps, 'NOCCHI' and 'ORANGE' pumps, 'ZILMET' and 'CIMM' tanks.Pro source metal & fibreglass tank.

Production of electrical pumping systems, engineering works, sale of industrial and marine pumps and related components, mechanical and engineering contract work.

Process design and manufacturing of structured packing, random packing,trays - for distillation, rectification, absorption, stripping columns.

Pumps for power station, desalination plant, water works, sewerage treatment, building service, chemical plant and all industrial application.