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Importers, exporters, distributors, sole-agents, wholesalers, retailers and dealers in recycling metal, non-metal, waste and scrap.

Steel merchandising (including international trading of steel and related products), fabrication and metal recycling.

Import & export of ferrous & non-ferrous recycling materials generalcontracting, engineering & transportation.

Scrap metal, steel sheets, coils trading & metal stamping.

Trading & dealing in ferrous or non-ferrous metal scraps of all kinds.

Buying & selling of scrap metal including• Scrap iron• Copper brass• Electrical cables/wires• Machinery aluminium

Specialise in: aluminium, brass, copper, iron, lead, stainless steel & used battery.

Collection, recycling and sales of all grades of non-ferrous scrap materials,trading of new and secondary stainless steel coils and plates, aluminiumextrusion, copper cables and wires, brass and other non-ferrous alloys.