Many scrap metals can be recycled, such as aluminium, steel, copper and lead. Manufacturing processes always result in high amounts of metal chips, dust and scraps. These scraps are often collected by scrap conveyors and sent off for further processing or recycling. Apart from manufacturing by-products, scrap metals can also be derived from objects such as cables and wires. High demand metals such… More

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Importers, exporters, distributors, sole-agents, wholesalers, retailers and dealers in recycling metal, non-metal, waste and scrap.

Steel merchandising (including international trading of steel and related products), fabrication and metal recycling.

Import & export of ferrous & non-ferrous recycling materials generalcontracting, engineering & transportation.

Scrap metal, steel sheets, coils trading & metal stamping.

Trading & dealing in ferrous or non-ferrous metal scraps of all kinds.

Buying & selling of scrap metal including• Scrap iron• Copper brass• Electrical cables/wires• Machinery aluminium

Specialise in: aluminium, brass, copper, iron, lead, stainless steel & used battery.

Collection, recycling and sales of all grades of non-ferrous scrap materials,trading of new and secondary stainless steel coils and plates, aluminiumextrusion, copper cables and wires, brass and other non-ferrous alloys.