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Distribution of motor vehicles & vehicle spare parts, provides technical information to Daimler distributors in SEA, & marketing & business management services on behalf of Daimler AG, & provision of regional treasury functions to related corporations. More

Investment holding and provision of assistance to the subsidiaries.

Trading in petroleum products, petrochemicals and crude oil.

Provision of banking and development, mortgage, leasing and hire purchase financing, corporate advisory services, stock broking, primary dealership in Singapore government securities, merchant banking, factoring and credit card services etc.

Investment holding, commercial banking and financial services, investment management services, corporate finance and advisory services, property investment, securities broker etc.

Provision of ship repair, ship conversion, engineering and other marine related services.

Manufacturing and marketing of cocoa ingredients and consumer chocolate confectionery products and investment holding.

Manufacturing steel billers and mid-width hot-rolled coils in China.

Manufacture and assemble electronic related devices and automotive related products, and trading in automotive system components and the provision of services to related companies as a regional headquarters for the Asia Pacific region.