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Specification and feature: Double external picking bay Flexible height system Overweight prevention system Touch screen sliding console Automatic drawer engage/release system powered by telescopic movement device Vertical transmission by means of steel… More

Importer, exporter, steel stockist of shipbuilding plates, structural steel, steel pipes.

One stop solution for tool steels, machining, heat treatment and technical services.

Supply carbon steel/machined plate for die & mould.

Wholesale grains, chemicals, metal, computers & non-ferrous metals.

Trading of steel ore and steel products business.

Sale of nickel bar, 'MONEL' sheet/plate, 'INCOLOY' strip, 'INCONEL' tube/pipe, 'NIMONIC' fittings, 'NILO' welding rods, 'BRIGHTRAY' wire. For all nickel alloy and stainless needs.