The increase in need of industrial processes has inadvertently increased large amounts of waste that can be toxic to the environment. Improper disposal on industrial waste can create increasingly disastrous effects. As such, proper disposal is necessary to prevent more pollution, degradation and the resulting toxic effects to nature and our environment. Additionally, with increased demand for industrial… More

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HCG Environment Pte Ltd was founded by Beng Siew Construction Pte Ltd and Yi Hui Metals Pte Ltd, leaders in construction, demolition and scrap metal management respectively. HCG provides waste management and disposal services for industrial, commercial… More

Containerised refuse disposal service.

Recovery & disposal of industrial waste.

We provide waste management services and environmental solutions.

Professional service provider for a cleaner environment to your oily sludge and slop disposal problems. We provide de-slopping, tank cleaning, ship supplies and marine engineering & installation.

Waste management products and services;waste management consultancy.