Various systems are available for treating water to various types of usage, including potable water. Potable water systems include Hadex drinking water disinfectant - food grade, reverse osmosis, UV sterilising and disinfecting, water softener and deioniser, copper-silver ionisation system, and many others. Replacement spare parts are also available. Other types of water treatment also include ballast… More


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Witco ECM system series WPC - 40. WPC - 60 & WPC - 80 are designed to treat larger construction site area. The system comes with FRP tanks & operation platforms. Operation is automatic Low Running cost (chemicals are diluted to 10 parts of water before… More



Electro Deionizer (EDI) EDI is the chemical free process in which ions are removed from water via electronic potential EDI has significantly lower operation costs No chemical regeneration Small footprint High Output Quality More



Industries Application Surface water purification Ground water purification Drinking water purification

ProMinent Fluid Controls (FE) Pte Ltd is a subsidiary of ProMinent GmbH which is the world's largest manufacturer of dosing pumps. ProMinent GmbH located in Germany was established to deliver pumps from 0.1 liters/hour to 60,000 liters/hour with pressures… More

Certified by: AJA Registrars (for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, SS 506 Part 1:2009/BS OHSAS 18001:2007) Other Standard: bizSAFE STAR Scope: Supply, installation and maintenance of real-time environmental monitoring system services. Supply, install,… More

Manufacturer and supplier of marine, water treatment, industrial cleaning and maintenance and other specialty chemicals.

Manufacture and export shipment of chemicals for marine and industrial applications.

Engineering, Procurement, Construction ("EPC"), installation, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance of liquid treatment plants.

Fully integrated water solutions provider in desalination, water recycling, wastewater treatment and water treatment; specialise in membrane technologies. Design, construction, operation of power plants, trading in the electricity markets and waste-to-energy… More

Marketing, sales and technical assistance of De Nora Group products.