Nature of Business

Asia Mortar is an established manufacturer of dry mortar, epoxy, latex and admixture in Asia region. Our headquarter in Singapore was set-up in 2004, and the group of companies has continually expanding our regional offices and distribution network into Malaysia, Vietnam, China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia and India. We deliver product solutions for wall finishes, floor finishes, tile adhesives and stone care, grout and repair mortar, waterproofing, sealant, latex and admixture. As part of our product strategy, Asia Mortar also holds the distributorship of major brands of building materials to provide a total solution to our customers.

Our vision is to be the preferred building materials supplier in Asia with a network of manufacturing facilities near to our customers.

In meeting today's construction technology and architectural aspirations, Asia Mortar works with our customers, consultants and developers to design new technical product solutions in responding to their changing needs. Some examples include heat and sound insulation mortar, light weight screed, soil stabiliser, coloured mortar, concrete stains, etc.

Another major development will be our focus in creating Green Product Solutions to support and promote green building initiatives. This effort will contribute towards the Global Campaign for environmental sustainability by accelerating the greening of our buildings.

In addition, Asia Mortar is committed to meet the quality demand of our customers in product solutions, service offered and technical support. The company has also achieved the European Quality Standards ISO 9001 for Designer and Supplier of cement-based building materials.