CRN/UEN: 201432108G


Nature of Business

Established in 1996, Boustead Projects is a leading industrial real estate solutions provider in Singapore, with core engineering expertise in the Design and Build, and development of industrial facilities for multinational corporations and local enterprises.

To date, we have designed, built and developed more than 3,000,000 square metres of industrial real estate regionally in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam & China.

We offer flexible turnkey Design and Build, and development arrangements including:

• Turnkey lump-sum Design and Build arrangements;
• Custom build-to-suit with leaseback arrangements;
• Industrial park development; and
• Any other construction activities that add values to the customers.

One of our key Design and Build offerings is value engineering, the systematic design or redesign of a custom-built facility to ensure that clients enjoy greater or similar facility performance, function and quality at significantly reduced costs. Through value-engineering, we continue to unlock value for clients, a significant competitive edge in our business model.

CW01 - General Building (A1)
GB1 - General Builder Class 1