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Mr Alan Ng, Managing Director


Nature of Business

Many C&R products have become popular and well known among the interior design community for its styling, workmanship, functionality, and choice fabrics and materials and finishes. Most of all, we have been recognised for our fast delivery lead time and responsive flexible service. C&R's original System One and System Two has evolve into the current three popular Office Systems, Essentia, Tivoli, Nouvia and Eco, which together with our Desking and Seating Solutions form the backbone of our workspace and commercial furniture solutions found in our Products Section. C&R's Design Focus is to provide multiple components to enable highly flexible configurations of workstations in a manner that is easy to install and provides employees the desired level of interactions within a team cluster with a comprehensive and practical range of functionalities, storage units, shelving, and an easy to use wire and cable management system, in a manner that is Elegant, Ergonomic, Econ-Friendly and Economic.

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100 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118518
Tel: (65) 6372 0428
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