CRN/UEN: 199707068G

Block 3017 Bedok North Street 5
#06-02 Gourmet East Kitchen
Singapore 486121

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Mr Khaja Moinudeen A K


Nature of Business

Dawood Flour Mill and Provision Pte Ltd first started its grinding business in 1997 in Geylang Lorong 101. They provide grinding for all types of Spices & Herbs for retail and wholesale and contract grinding. As well as packing of spices, curry powder to your requirements.

In 1980, their operation shifted from Geylang to Bedok Reservoir as Singapore policies for factories changes. Dawood shifted to multiple places since then from Bedok to Defu Lane in 2000 and finally in 2005 settled down in current Gourmet East Kitchen.

Dawood import most of their raw herbs and spices directly from India and Pakistan. Their own mill factory grinds these spices and package them in different quantity for both retail and wholesale. End consumer can buy their conveniently packed products in supermarkets and business can request directly from them.

Dawood currently carries more than 40 different types of Spices & Herbs and mixed catering to majority of the spices needs in Singapore. They have spices for all types of cuisine needs, from Indian to Malay to Chinese, as long as there is a need for spices. Dawood will provides all grind or whole spices.

We specialise in:
• Importer & Exporter of Basmati Rice and Ponni Rice
• Tumeric Powder/Serbuk Kunyit
• Chilli Powder/Serbuk Cili
• Coriander Powder/Serbuk Ketumbar
• Cumin Powder/Serbuk Cumin
• Fennel Powder/Serbuk Adas
• Roasted Ground Nut Coarse/Kacang Tanah Goreng Kisar Kasar
• White Pepper Powder/Serbuk Lada Putih
• Black Pepper Powder/Serbuk Lada Hitam
• Soup Masala/Sup Masala
• Fish Curry Powder/Serbuk Kari Ikan
• Meat Curry Powder/Serbuk Kari Daging
• Biryani Masala/Rempah Biryani
• Kuruma Masala/Rempah Korma
• Chana Dhal Flour (Besan)/Tepung Dal Kuda
• Green Bean Powder (Fried)/Tepong Kacang Hijau (Goreng)
• Black Glutinious Rice Flour/Black Pulut Beras Tepung
• Black Pepper Coarse/Lada Hitam Kasar
• Chilli Coarse/Cili Kasar
• Rice Flour/Tepong Beras
• Barley Flour/Tepong Barley
• Cinnamon Powder/Serbok Kayu Manis
• Cardamom Powder/Serbuk Buah Pelaga
• Ginger Powder/Serbok Halia Kering
• Sambar Powder/Sambar Serbuk
• Satay Powder/Rempah Satay
• Garam Masala/Rempah Garam Masala
• Wu Xiang Fen Powder/Rempah Itik
• Semolina/Suji
• Dosai Powder/Tepung Thosai
• Rasam Powder/Serbok Rasam

Grinding all types of cereals, herbs & spices for retail and wholesale and contract grinding.
We also do packing of spices, curry powder to your requirements.

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