CRN/UEN: 196900437M

401 Commonwealth Drive
#03-03 Haw Par Technocentre
Singapore 149598

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Nature of Business

Haw Par Corporation Limited, a Singapore-grown multinational Group, is listed on the Singapore Exchange since 1969. Over the decades, the Group has been disciplined in asset rationalisation, organically growing its core businesses, and making selected acquisitions.

Today, the Haw Par Group is an enterprise with a strong consumer healthcare business that promotes healthy lifestyles through its healthcare products. The largest contributor to the healthcare business comes from a brand that it owns - Tiger Balm. With a wide range of products available in over 100 countries, Tiger Balm is arguably the world's leading and most versatile topical analgesic brand. Besides the consumer healthcare business, the Group also engages in the leisure business and holds significant investments in securities and properties.

Leveraging on its financial strength and global business network, the Group is well-placed in its strategic direction to further expand its portfolio of operating businesses and drive growth through alliances with multinational partners and acquisitions of complementary brands and compelling business platforms.