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OpsCentral Cloud Contact Centre Solutions
Experience managing your customer service across multiple channels (Voice, Email, Messaging & SMS) in a Single Web-based Platform

Delivering superior customer experience is challenging: businesses have more touch points to manage (Voice, Email, Messaging & SMS), more data to capture and analyse. OpsCentral suite is the only true cloud-based contact centre solution blending a complete set of omni-channel features and powerful modules, giving you flexibility and peace of mind. No capex needed, providing a cloud-based service on a simple per-user-per-month basis.

OpsCentral – By seamlessly integrating data across multiple channels, OpsCentral brings the best of customer experience in a single solution that improves productivity, customer acquisition, retention and loyalty. The OpsCentral suite of contact centre solutions can either be engaged individually or holistically integrated to work together.

  1. OspCentral Voice – A cloud-based contact centre solution that includes complete call centre functionalities like IVR, voice logging, skill-based call routing, and many more.
  2. OpsCentral Email – A multi-feature email management system that supports multiple campaigns, and channels inbound emails based on recipients, email content and keywords.
  3. OpsCentral Messaging – Allows multiple agents to service customers via the most prefer messaging apps today (WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger) using just a Single number or account, increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.
  4. OpsCentral SMS – Empowers your business to exploit the full potential of SMS to reach your target audience and for them to reach you, quickly and intelligently.

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