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Nature of Business

NewPro Multi-Source Pte Ltd, an exclusive arm of Jim-Mike Cleaning Services Pte Ltd, was set up in Singapore as a major distributor of cleaning products for stones and tiles under the NewPro brand.
We also provide stone and tile care solutions for our customers - from pre-installation, cleaning, maintenance and restoration of stones and tiles - to ensure that they remain beautiful for a lifetime.
Since stones vary in their physical and mineral makeup, and react differently to chemical and mechanical processes, a complete understanding of stone formation, how they are used and proper identification is imperative. We have the knowledge and know-how to offer simple yet effective stone care solutions for our clients.
Services for Residential and Commercial Buildings and Resorts
Restoring natural stones (marble, sandstone, etc.) and tiles (wall, floor, vanity top and kitchen counter tops).
Removing unsightly spots created by the sun UV rays, (rust, etches), grease patches and algae from heavily neglected areas - swimming pool, car parks, wall perimeter.
Cleaning and restoring high-rise building external facade surface.
Providing hygiene care products and chemicals for contracted maintenance and restorative work.
Sale of hygiene care and general cleaning products for home owners.
We are the distributor and accredited applicator of Dry-Treat products in Asia. Dry-Treat manufactures innovative sealers for porous building materials, including natural stone, brick, pavers, tiles, engineering concrete and grout. Dry-Treat's innovative impregnators penetrate much deeper and bond permanently inside the pores of the treated material, creating a substantial oil and water repellent barrier.
Performance warranty is offered when product applied by an accredited applicator.