81 Tagore Lane
Singapore 787502

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Mr Andy Tan, General Manager
Mobile: (65) 9762 2490


Nature of Business

Company Introduction
Tan Huan has been established since 1974, with 44 over years of experiences on dealing with landscape works. We have also completed a lot of big projects in Singapore, mainly are clearance of trees for widening of expressway and yearly contract to some government organisation.

Our Team of Experts
We specialise in all sort of landscape services and with the reliable manpower, professional knowledge & experiences in tree cutting and clearance of sites. Most of our employees have more than 10 years of working experience in this field.

As our business are expanding, we have more than enough workers to spread around to deal with landscape services.

Mission Statement
"Fast and Efficient Working Attitude and with Professional Skills, but safety is always the FIRST PRIORITY" (Tan Beng Hui, Managing Director).