Block 24 Pasir Panjang Wholesale Centre
Singapore 110024

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Nature of Business

• Tat Lee Trading Pte Ltd
   - Focus on sales & marketing in Singapore
• Bright Garden
   - Focus on importing & exporting in Singapore
• Bright Floriculture Sdn Bhd
   - In Malaysia, focus on the growing of our own vegetables & per-pack and processing – peeled
   - Per-cutting and peeled products and Import & Export
• Orkid Cemerlang (M) Sdn Bhd
   - Is doing orchid plants and flowers trading in Singapore & Malaysia
• Quality Management
  Our fruits and vegetables are checked by the quality manager in compliance with Singapore AVA strict export
  and import standards before supply. With our vast experience of regional and our farm seasonal climatic
  variations, we are well qualified to select top quality fruits and vegetables from each area in accordance with
  the international requirements. The agricultural and market specialists working with us insist upon the optimal
  picking time and packing requirements of our client’s in Singapore and Malaysia.
• Infrastructure
  We have our own farm and warehouse facility which is equipped with all necessary equipments to carry out
  our operations efficiently. We have all the in-built facilities for per-packing, per-cooling, cold storage, and our
  own logistic support and the local markets and Singapore requirement.
• Clientele
  We have supply to Singapore Our sister company and our customers are fully satisfied by our products and
  services which represents our high quality standards and reliability.
• Quality
  The one and only reason we have become a reliable name in Singapore (TAT LEE) upon the quality of our
  food products. We are highly conscious about your health and free fresh vegetables and fruits. Our products
  strictly conform to Singapore AVA quality norms and they are carefully tested before being sent to our clients.
  The products are full of natural minerals, vitamins and proteins and come with the same delicious taste Mother
  Nature offers them.