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Mr Sun Xiushun, President


Nature of Business

As the world's largest bauxite shipping company, Winning International Group provides safe, reliable and cost-efficient maritime logistics services for producers, traders and end-users of nickel ore, iron ore and other commodities. The bulk carrier fleet of Winning International Group has the leading capacity in Singapore, with over 100 vessels currently in operation, more than half self-owned, among which 38 Capesize bulk carriers have a capacity of over 180,000 dwt, amounting the total capacity of self-owned fleet to 7.2 million dwt. Winning operates 8 large-scale floating cranes, a pair of floating commodity terminals (FCT), nearly 100 barges, ocean tug boats, harbour assistant tug boats, bunker tankers, and floating docks to form its maritime transshipment barge system, altogether showing an annual maritime transshipment capability of 50 million tons.

SMB-Winning Consortium is formed by Winning International Group of Singapore, China Hongqiao Group Limited of Shandong Weiqiao Pioneering Group Company Limited, Yantai Port Group of Shandong Port Group of China, and UMS of Guinea. It began bauxite development in Guinea from 2014. Currently, with an annual mine production capacity of over 40 million tons, the Consortium makes Guinea the largest exporter and the second largest producer of bauxite in the world, as well as China's largest supplier of bauxite. Up to now, Guinea has exported nearly 200 million tons of bauxite to China. As of today, the accumulated fixed investment of SMB-Winning Consortium in Guinea is nearly 3 billion US dollars, its annual operating income is about 2 billion US dollars.

In March 2019, SMB-Winning Consortium led by Winning International Group invested 750 million dollars to launch the construction of Dapilon-Santou Railway. Located in northwest Guinea in the regions of Boke and Kindia, the railway starts from the Consortium's Dapilon port in Boke and ends at the Consortium's Santou mine zone in Kindia, measuring 125 km in length and constituted of 21 bridges, 2 tunnels and 6 stations. Dapilon-Santou Railway is also the first modern railway constructed in Guinea over the past 5 decades. With its entry into operation envisaged in June, the railway will provide infrastructural support to major mine zones along the route, with an annual capacity of approximately 45 million tons.

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