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5. SME Micro Loan
Small companies that are just starting out can apply for the SME Micro Loan that offers funding of up to S$100,000 to help you better manage daily operations and cashflow.
To make the loan more accessible to new companies set up in three years or less, Enterprise Singapore shares the risk of loan defaults with Participating Financial Institutions in the event of company insolvency.
• Daily operations
• Automating and upgrading factory and equipment
Loan Quantum
• Up to S$100,000
Repayment Period
• Up to 4 years
Interest Rate
• Subject to Participating Financial Institutions’ assessments of risks involved
Eligibility Criteria:
• Registered and operating in Singapore;
• Employ 10 or less employees OR has annual sales not exceeding S$1 million;
• At least 30% of your shareholding is local.
6. Double Tax Deduction for Approved International Fair
The scheme aims to encourage Singapore companies to expand their markets by participating in international trade-oriented exhibitions held in Singapore that are accorded the Approved International Fair (AIF) status by the Singapore Exhibition and Convention Bureau (SECB).
Eligibility Criteria:
To qualify, a company should meet the following requirements:
• Must be a resident company or has a permanent establishment in Singapore;
• Is exhibiting in approved local trade fairs accorded the AIF status by SECB.
7. Pioneer Certificate Incentive (PC) & Development & Expansion Incentive (DEI)
Incentive (PC) & An approved company under the PC or DEI is eligible for a corporate tax exemption or a concessionary tax rate of 5% or 10%, respectively, on income derived from qualifying activities. The incentive period is limited to five years. Extension of the incentive may be considered, subject to the company’s commitment to undertake further expansion plans. The company is required to maintain a separate account in respect of any non-qualifying activity undertaken during the incentive period. The income from the non-qualifying activity is not eligible for the incentive.
Eligibility Criteria:
Application for the PC or DEI is open to companies that are prepared to make significant investments in contribution to the economy or in advancement of capabilities towards globally leading industries. The award of PC or DEI may also be accompanied with the International Headquarters Award status for

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