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companies that commit to anchor substantive HQ activities in Singapore to manage, coordinate and control regional business operations.
To qualify, companies must meet quantitative and qualitative criteria. These include the employment created (including skills, expertise and seniority), total business expenditure which generates spin-off to the economy, as well as commitment to growing the capabilities (e.g. technology, skillsets, knowhow) in Singapore. Manufacturing projects are also required to commit to fixed asset investment in plant, building or equipment.
In addition, to be eligible for consideration of PC, the company must introduce technology, skillsets or knowhow into an industry that are substantially more advanced than the average prevailing in Singapore. The company must also carry out new, pioneering activities that have not been undertaken by other companies at a scale that is substantive in economic contribution.
The approval and award of the PC or DEI will be subject to the company implementing its plans to grow and sustain substantive economic activities in Singapore.
8. Local Enterprise and Association Development Programme (LEAD)
The Local Enterprise and Association Development Programme (LEAD) is overseen by Enterprise Singapore and supports efforts by Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) to drive industry initiatives, focusing on areas like technology and infrastructure, business collaborations, as well as intelligence and research.
The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) administers LEAD as a partner agency to support tourism-related associations by strengthening their capabilities to enable them to take on a greater leadership role to drive the development and growth of their respective industries and precincts.
The LEAD is open to trade associations and chambers (TACs) which can include Singapore-registered societies, professional bodies, unions of employers, overseas business chambers and companies limited by guarantee.
9. Business Improvement Fund (BIF)
The Business Improvement Fund (BIF) aims to encourage technology innovation and adoption, redesign of business model and processes in the tourism sector to improve productivity, competitiveness and enhanced consumer experience.
The BIF is open to all Singapore-registered businesses/companies embarking on projects with a clear tourism focus.
These companies are:
1. Tourism companies taking on capability development initiatives
2. Technology companies that create innovative technology products and
services for tourism businesses

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