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15. Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F)
The Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F) encourages companies operating industrial facilities to adopt energy efficiency through co-funding of resource efficient facility design, energy assessments and energy efficient equipment & technologies.
Resource Efficient Design/Energy Assessments
• Owner or operator of industrial facility registered and sited in Singapore
Energy Efficient Equipment & Technologies
• Energy efficient equipment or technology installed within manufacturing facility sited in Singapore
• Owner or operator of energy efficient equipment or technology shall be an EENP Partner
Funding Support
Resource Efficient Design/Energy Assessments
• Up to 50% of qualifying costs incurred in engaging a third-party professional
to perform design workshop/conduct a level -3 energy assessment
Energy Efficient Equipment & Technologies
• Up to 30% of qualifying costs incurred for the implementation of energy efficient equipment or technologies that demonstrate measurable and verifiable energy savings1
16. International Marketing Activities Programme (iMAP)
Trade Association & Chambers can tap iMAP to bring SMEs on board overseas missions and trade fairs to access more markets.
Businesses get financial support when they take part in approved business missions and Singapore Pavilions at international trade fairs led by Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce.
Companies interested in organising iMAP activities must fulfil all the following criteria:
• Headquarters is incorporated and based in Singapore
• Registered with Registry of Societies (ROSES) or Accounting & Corporate
Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
• Defined as non-profit organisation1
• Activities or functions is in line with Enterprise Singapore’s mission.
• Demonstrate a focus towards internationalisation
• Secretariat with adequate staff, financial resources and experience to recruit
and organise the proposed activities
The organising company is responsible for all expenses related to the activity. The company will seek reimbursement for eligible expenses from Enterprise Singapore on behalf of participating companies.

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