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9. Technology for Enterprise Capability Upgrading (T-UP)
Purpose of the Scheme
Businesses will be able to identify and implement R&D projects for a period of up to 2 years, with the help of research scientists and engineers from the Agency for Science, Technology and Research’s (A*STAR).
Project areas include:
• Data storage
• High performance computing
• Info communications
• Materials research & engineering
• Microelectronics
• Manufacturing automation & technology
• Chemical and engineering sciences
• Bioimaging
• Bioprocessing
• Genomics & Proteomics
• Molecular & Cell Biology
• Drugs/Biologics Discovery and Development
• Bioengineering & Nanotechnology
• Computational Biology
• Immunology
• Medical Technology
Singapore-registered small and medium enterprises (SMEs) who meet the following criteria:
• Minimum of 30% local shareholding
• Group annual turnover of not more than S$100 million or group employment
size of not more than 200 workers
• A research scientist or engineer will be attached to your business during the project.
• T-UP subsidises up to 70% of the secondment costs.
10. Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)
Technology is not about fancy and expensive high-end solutions. You can kick-start your technology journey by taking simple steps to automate existing processes and improve productivity. The Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG) supports companies keen on adopting IT solutions and equipment to enhance business processes.
For a start, PSG covers sector-specific solutions including the retail, food, logistics, precision engineering, construction and landscaping industries. Other than sector-specific solutions, PSG also supports adoption of solutions that cut across industries, such as in areas of customer management, data analytics, financial management and inventory tracking.
With up to 70% funding support, PSG serves as an avenue for companies to make long-term technology investments. The list of readily adoptable solutions can be found on Tech Depot.

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