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No. 1 Market share in semiconductor wafer sorter<br> <br> No. 1 Cleanliness: &lt;0.01@0.12µ<br> <br> No. 1 Reliability: MTBF&gt;1,500hr. with maintenance-free robot<br> <br> No. 1 Accuracy (Repeatable… More



<p><strong>The wafer sorters from RORZE are one of the leading in the industry and they are well known for extreme cleanliness, reliability, and accuracy.</strong></p><p><br> <ul> <li>Consist of high speed… More

XYZTEC Condor Sigma and W12 Bondtesters YXLON X-Ray Systems TRESKY Die Bonders F & S Bondtec Wire Bonders LEICA Microscopy Solutions BUDATEC Solder Reflow Oven SUN ENERGY UV Cleaning & Reforming Equipment LABTRON Laboratory… More

Distributing electronic equipment for measurement & chemical analysis produced by Agilent Technologies Group of companies as well as other services such as systems integration, maintenance & training.

Production of wafer fabrication systems, provision of services and training, sales and service support of wafer fabrication systems and sales of spares and refurbished wafer fabrication systems.

Design, production and marketing of semiconductor assembly equipment and materials.

Trading and sales of semi-conductor processing equipment.

Trading of precision machines and parts.

Distributor and agent for SMT and semiconductor equipment in the chemical and automotive industry.