Many scrap metals can be recycled, such as aluminium, steel, copper and lead. Manufacturing processes always result in high amounts of metal chips, dust and scraps. These scraps are often collected by scrap conveyors and sent off for further processing or recycling. Apart from manufacturing by-products, scrap metals can also be derived from objects such as cables and wires. High demand metals such… More

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Carpenter Global Pte Ltd (CGPL), founded in 2009, is one of the main scrap metal recycling companies in Singapore. CGPL is committed to providing efficient metal recycling service and competitive pricing that exceed our suppliers’ expectations.  CGPL's… More

We specialised in:Supplies ASTM M.S. plates, C N C cutting Machines - Cut to size, M.S plates, round bars, pipes, universal joint, pipe sleeve, butterfly clamp, cargo eye, cable saddle.

Dealers of scrap metal and related steel products.

Importers & exporters in all kinds of ferrous & non-ferrousmetals & scrap metals; aluminium scraps.

Specialised in all kind of ferrous scrap & non-ferrous scrap.

Wholesale of scrap, junk and waste dealers.

Manufacturing of IM3 metal bulk bin, hooklift container & industrial waste containers.Supplier of refuse containers & litter bins (metal & plastic).