Spices are aromatic and flavourful parts of plants (except the leaves) which are used for imparting flavour and colour to a food or for preservation. Spices are an important element of cooking in warmer climates such as Singapore. This may in part have started off due to the antimicrobial properties of many spices which help to reduce spoiling and curb infectious diseases, as are more common in warm… More

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- Grinding cereals - Spices and tropical products - Importer, exporter & manufacturer Other Address 189 Pandan Loop Singapore 126891

Regional head office (import & export of spices & others).

Manufacturer and supplier of flavours, spices, herbs, spice alternativesand seasonings worldwide.

Exporters, importers & stockist of whole, ground & sterilised spicesAGRO products.

Importer/exporter & stockist of:White/black pepper, Chinese/Indonesian cassia whole, nutmegs, mace,cloves, long pepper, gum copal, dried red chilli, whole ginger, etc.