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 Information Technology (IT)
Supports local information and communications technology (ICT) SMEs to transform traditional software architecture and development practices to Cloud-Native applications, so that they can be more agile, flexible and scalable
 Information Technology (IT)
GoSecure is designed to increase the cybersecurity capabilities of our local information and communications technology (ICT) companies and improve their product security posture.
 Information Technology (IT)
 Co-Creation Grant
With up to $30,000 funding support, this grant supports software developers to develop innovative solutions that integrates tax seamlessly into digital solutions used by taxpayers and/or harnesses IRAS’ APIs.
Manufacturing & Engineering
Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F)
E2F supports companies in the industry sector in becoming more energy efficient. NEA provides funding support of up to 50% of qualifying costs.
 Manufacturing & Engineering
 Industry 4.0 Human Capital Initiative (IHCI) Enabler Programme
With up to 90% funding support, the IHCI Enabler is an 8-week programme that focuses on helping companies get started on Industry 4.0 transformation and optimise returns with effective human capital management.
Manufacturing & Engineering
Resource Efficiency Grant for Energy (REG(E))
REG(E) encourages companies in the Industry sector to implement projects that lead to meaningful carbon abatement outcomes.
 Southeast Asia Co-Production Grant (SCPG)
The SCPG encourages film talent in Singapore and SEA region to jointly produce quality feature films by providing support of up to $250,000 or 50% of qualifying costs. Feature films should be 70 minutes or longer.
 New Talent Feature Grant (NTFG)
The NTFG helps first and second-time directors to launch their careers by providing support of up to $250,000 or 100% for their feature film’s qualifying costs. Feature films should be 70 minutes or longer.
Real estate
Accessibility Fund
Building owners can receive up to 80% support for upgrading their existing buildings with essential accessibility features.
Real estate
Grant for Low-GWP Refrigerant Chillers
This grant encourages companies to make an early switch to water-cooled chillers using lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants.
 Real estate
 Innovative Smart Estate Trial Solutions
This grant is for solution providers to develop new technologies or use cases in areas of enhancing smart environment, experiences and living. IMDA will co-fund up to 50% of project costs for Singapore technology providers that leverage on digital solutions such as AI and data analytics to generate insights, formulate strategies and make decisions. Technologies could include machine learning, crowd or tenant analysis, unmanned stores, predictive maintenance and operations. IMDA and the industry (challenge statement owners) will evaluate the proposals submitted from the tech solution providers, and the POCs will be tested at live trial sites provided by the industry.
 Real estate
 Smart Facilities Management Proof- of-Concept Grant (Smart FM POC Grant)
The Smart FM POC Grant aims to showcase the potential benefits and establish a business case for the next phase of industry transformation towards integrated and aggregated smart FM.
 Service Industry Transformation Programme (SITP)
This programme aims to support lifestyle sector enterprises in their transformation efforts and to uplift organisational capabilities in innovation, job redesign and manpower planning.

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