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Programmes Description Reference
Energy Ef ciency Fund (E2F)
The Energy Efficiency Fund (E2F) supports the following efforts by businesses to improve energy efficiency of industrial facilities:
• Resource Efficient Design of New Facilities and Major Expansions
• Energy Assessment of Existing Facilities
• Adoption of Energy Efficient Equipment Technologies
• Implementation of an Energy Management Information System - new
Eligibility Criteria
• The owner or operator of a new industrial facility or the existing facility to undergo major expansion must be registered in Singapore
• The new industrial facility or the existing facility to undergo major expansion must be sited in Singapore
• The detailed design of the facility must not have commenced at the time of application.
• The energy consultants must be experienced and able to show good track record in carrying
out design workshops of a comparable scale and scope. The capabilities of the selected energy consultants must be thoroughly assessed to ensure that they have the capability to design or advise on the design of the facility concerned.
LEAD International Fairs & Missions
Overseas missions and trade fairs are useful platforms for Singapore companies to reach out to global customers, obtain feedback on products and services, and explore opportunities in overseas markets.
Trade Associations and Chambers (TACs) organise overseas missions and facilitate local companies’ participation in trade fairs abroad. TACs can tap the LEAD International Fairs & Missions (LEAD IFM) programme to help participating SMEs defray part of the costs incurred when they join these overseas missions and trade fairs.
Companies participating in LEAD IFM approved activities will receive support of up to 50% or 70% of eligible expenses, depending on the number of times your company has participated in the event1. Eligible expenses include exhibition rental space, booth construction, publicity and fair or mission consultancy costs.
Eligibility Criteria
For TACs
LEAD IFM is open to TACs in Singapore. To qualify, your TAC must fulfil all the following criteria:
• Registered with Registry of Societies (ROS) or Accounting & Corporate Regulatory Authority
• Defined as a non-profit organisation.
• Has a secretariat with adequate staff, financial resources and experience to recruit and organise
the proposed activities.
• The organising TAC is responsible for all expenses related to the activity. The TAC will seek
reimbursement for eligible expenses from Enterprise Singapore on behalf of participating companies.
For Companies
Companies incorporated or registered in Singapore and have at least three of the following core business functions or activities operating within Singapore are eligible for the LEAD IFM support. • Market development and planning
• Logistics and shipping management
• Research, development and design functions
• Manufacturing and other value-added activity
• Business and investment planning
• Banking, financial and treasury functions

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