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Pioneer Certi cate (PC) Incentive and Development and Expansion Incentive (DEI)
The Pioneer Certificate Incentive (PC) and the Development and Expansion Incentive (DEI) aim to encourage companies to grow capabilities and conduct new or expanded economic activities in Singapore. Companies that carry out global or regional headquarters (HQ) activities of managing, coordinating and controlling business activities for a group of companies may also apply for the PC or DEI for the HQ activities.
Eligibility Criteria
Application for the PC or DEI is open to companies that are prepared to make significant investments in contribution to the economy or in advancement of capabilities towards globally leading industries. The award of PC or DEI may also be accompanied with the International Headquarters Award status for companies that commit to anchor substantive HQ activities in Singapore to manage, coordinate and control regional business operations.
To qualify, companies must meet quantitative and qualitative criteria. These include the employment created (including skills, expertise and seniority), total business expenditure which generates spin-off to the economy, as well as commitment to growing the capabilities (e.g. technology, skillsets, knowhow) in Singapore. Manufacturing projects are also required to commit to fixed asset investment in plant, building or equipment.
In addition, to be eligible for consideration of PC, the company must introduce technology, skillsets or knowhow into an industry that are substantially more advanced than the average prevailing
in Singapore. The company must also carry out new, pioneering activities that have not been undertaken by other companies at a scale that is substantive in economic contribution.
The approval and award of the PC or DEI will be subject to the company implementing its plans to grow and sustain substantive economic activities in Singapore.

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