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  “Our semiconductor industry is poised for further growth, with around 2,000 more jobs expected to be created in the next 3 to 5 years,” he said.
The green transformation also offers lucrative economic opportunities for semiconductor companies.
Growing the trading
The trading sector is one of Singapore’s largest employers with over 300,000 employees in 2020, of which around 80 percent are locals and close to 70 percent are PMET jobs.
The Trade 2030 strategy aims to grow the Republic’s trading volume, widen the types of trading activities in Singapore, and expand trade with other parts of the world.
To facilitate trade, Singapore continues to proactively strengthen regional economic integration through ASEAN and other platforms and play a leading role in key regional Free Trade Agreements. New agreements, such as Digital Economy Agreements and Green Economy agreements, have been inked with UK, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand, and others.
There will be an acceleration of efforts to grow a strong core of Singapore Global Traders,
which are locally-grown traders that command global scale and are highly innovative.
Singapore offers businesses many exciting and promising developments in key sectors across its economy.
As Mr Gan said at the MTI Firefly Symposium, the success of the strategies and trade deals will depend on “how aggressively Singapore businesses pursue the opportunities presented by them.”

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